More choice…?

follow up to:

Generally speaking, choice is made out of ‘what is available here and now/ there and then’, according to the extent to which it is ‘what is needed, wanted or expected’, or for the lucky ones, all of the three. The rest of it is very easy, that is pretty much making the most of whatever the choice was. Which in some case is not easy at all, but that‘s a different story.

Some other times, choice is nothing but a sequel in the process of previous choice, which requires completion by further choice. Can’t rewind, can’t fast-forward, there is no choice but…more choice.

Choice can be operated according to certain patterns, for instance:

  1. Choice is suspended to ‘fate’ and thus inflicted on someone who cannot ‘take one of many’ since they willingly and knowingly renounce the right to do so.
  2. Choice is carefully thought through and decision is reached accordingly.
  3. Choice is made on a ‘gut feeling’ and so on and so for forth…

Does that ring a bell..?

In all of the above scenarios, the choice made can be ‘the right’ one or not, and people can be happy with it, or not. All combinations are possible. People can be either happy or unhappy no matter what they choose, so the easiest way about it is to act fast. Speaking of ‘mature’ and ‘adult- like’.

What very few people know from the beginning, is how happy they will actually be in the end. But that’s not what choice is about: choice is about taking the most palatable option, or the least unpalatable and making the best of it- cliché-like as it may sound:-)

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